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Hi friends,
Sorry for so much late, no excuses just really sorrrrrrry!!!!.
Lets’ do start with prayer to god.
This is a very famous song. Notations for this song are easy. This is a very good song for your practice on keyboard or harmonium. You can start with this simple song & then go for little bit difficult.
One more thing I am not pushing to learn Indian classical style of learning harmonium with sa, re, ga, ma & palta etc. because I feel that playing notation on keyboard is kind of playing sargam & is equally effective to get familiar with the keys.
The song is “Tumhi ho mata, pita tumhi ho”.  Some of you may be familiar with the Taals also. Play taal Kaharava on dholak or table with this song will be greatly entertaining.
 Sthaaee:         Tumhi ho maataa, pitaa tumhi ho,
Tumhi ho bandhu, sakhaa tumhi ho.
Antaraa 1:      Tumhi ho saathi, tumhi sahaare, 
                        koi naa apnaa sivaa tumhaare,
Tumhi ho naiyya, tumhi khivaiyya, 
Tumhi ho bandhu, sakhaa tumhi ho.
Antaraa 2:      Jo khil sake naa vo phool hum hain, 
                        tumhaare charano ki dhool hum hain,    
Dayaa ki drishti sadaa hi rakhna, 
Tumhi ho bandhu, sakhaa tumhi ho.
Tum -  hi     ho   maa – taa -,        pitaa -    tumhi -     ho,
S d  -  P     d      M   -   P – M    g M P     M g r        S
Tumhi - ho    ban - dhu,      sakhaa -  tumhi -  ho.
S g -     S       r -     g -        P M -     g r -      S –
Tumhi -   ho        saa – thi -,  tumhi -   sahaa – re -,  
d d -       M        d –    n  -     S’ S’ -   S’ n r’   S’-    
 koi -      naa    apnaa -    sivaa -    tumhaa – re - ,
n n -       d        P d M -    P P -     d n d       P -
Tumhi -   ho     nai -  yya,     tumhi -   khivai - yya,    
S d -       P       d -    P M    g M P     M g r     S -,    
Tumhi -   ho    ban - dhu,  sakhaa -  tumhi -  ho.
S g -       S       r -     g -     P M -    g r -       S –

Now play sthaaee here. Second antaraa will be played just like the first one.
One important thing where dashes are given give some pause the particular note & more important listen the song prior to start playing self will help a lot.
Will try to post new hindi song soon.
Best wishes.


  1. बहुत ही सराहानीय कार्य है

  2. पर भी पधार कर हमेन अनुग्रगीत करेन